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Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

At Worcester Complementary Health we aim to offer a comprehensive treatment programme specifically for you.

The approach to treatment in a session is often an appropriate blend of Osteopathic and Sports Injury Care techniques. Depending on your presentation, your appointment may also include; Modern Acupuncture, Ultra sound, Electrotherapy, Sports massage and Kinesiology taping but we will discuss this with you.

We will undertake a regular bio mechanical assessment over your treatments to help measure your progress as well as advising and demonstrating for you appropriate exercises and conditioning routines to complement your activities.

Importantly we feel that the time between treatments is as equally important for recovery and we will offer advice on; hot and cold applications, taping if needed and self massage.

The practitioners at Worcester Complementary Health have been involved with the management of Sports Injuries - either their own or others - since they were school age.

We believe in encouraging you to carefully self manage as well, which means probably less appointments overall and a reasonably quicker return to activities.

There is a large overlap across the disciplines at Worcester Complementary Health so we will apply our combined knowledge to create the best outcome for you.