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Osteopathy is a recognised complete system of health care whose emphasis is focused on treating the whole person not just the presenting problem. It recognises that much of the pain that we suffer stems from dysfunction in the body’s structure as well as from damage caused to it by disease and injury. One of the aims of Osteopathy is to restore the body to its normal function and aid relief from pain thus allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to function properly.

Osteopath's patients include the young, older people, manual & office workers, pregnant women, children and sports people. Anyone from any walk of life who may seek treatment for a wide variety of conditions not just back pain, but changes to posture in pregnancy, postural problems caused by occupational or work strain, the pain of arthritis and sports injuries

The title 'Osteopath' is protected by law.

It is against the law for anyone in the UK to call themselves an Osteopath unless they are regulated and registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), which regulates and promotes high standards of competency, conduct and safety that practitioners must adhere to.

Osteopaths undertake a minimum of four years training are required to undertake yearly relevant continual professional development in order to renew their registration and retain their licence to practise.

One of the many benefits of private Osteopathic care at Worcester Complementary Health is speed of access as well as longer appointment times and because of the unique set up we have we are able to keep our fees as low as possible.

Although not an exhaustive list, over the years we have helped our clients through Osteopathy and Sports Injury Care with:

  • Neuralgia and sinus pain.

  • Headaches and migraines.

  • Neck pain and neck stiffness.

  • Upper back problems and referred pain into the arms and hands.

  • Frozen shoulder & diffuse shoulder pain.

  • Elbow pain - tennis and golfer’s elbow.

  • Lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain.

  • Disc injuries and muscle spasms.

  • Sciatica and nerve entrapment symptoms.

  • Hip, knee, ankle and foot joint pain.

  • Mechanical dysfunction from postural and muscular imbalance.

  • Stress and fatigue.

  • Juvenile conditions.

  • Tendonitis, ligament sprains and inflammatory conditions,

  • Muscular injuries – Cramp, spasms and strains.

  • Sports injuries of all kinds form all kinds of sports.

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