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Tui Na - Chinese Massage

Tui Na Chinese massage is a tried and tested system of healthcare devised by the Chinese and other Eastern cultures which has been developed, researched and refined for over 2,000 years and is still used within the primary healthcare system in China today.Both Acupuncture and Tui Na have a very positive model of good health and function looking at pain and illness as signs that the body is out of balance and focusing treatment on the individual rather than their illness. The overall aim therefore is to restore the body's equilibrium.

Each patient is unique; two people with the same Western diagnosis may well receive subtly different acupuncture treatments. Whatever the reason people come for treatment, they often report general benefits. These include coping better with stress in their life, feeling calmer and more positive, having more energy and sleeping better.

Archaeological studies have unearthed evidence of Tui Na dating to around 2,700 BC making it the forerunner of all other forms of massage and bodywork.

During the Sui (AD 581 – 618) and Tang (618 – 906) dynasties a department of massage therapy was founded within the Office of Imperial Physicians.

Depending on the condition being treated and the practitioner’s background, the style of Tui Na treatment can vary from a vigorous deep-tissue massage to a subtle energetic treatment not unlike Reiki or Cranio-Sacral therapy.

Tui Na is more than just massage, practitioners are both skilled at manipulating joints and muscles to relieve musculoskeletal pain and stiffness and, by utilising the points and channels used in acupuncture, direct the flow of Qi within the body to treat deeper seated conditions.

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